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We combine strategic insights with highly skilled, hands-on ERP and CRM resources.

It is no secret that more often than not, companies struggle to achieve the business benefits they expect from their ERP or CRM solutions. Stories of failed implementations and upgrades abound. These situations can create undue organizational and financial strain on business.

Centric recognizes the potential pitfalls of these high-investment, mission-critical projects. We bring industry experience, proven methodologies, and unique collaboration capabilities to our clients to help ensure success. Whether it is a first-time implementation, managed services, application or database upgrade, Centric can help.

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Centric is an experienced packaged software consulting company with a long track record of delivering successful projects. Our expertise in Oracle and Microsoft ERP and CRM is complemented by our world-class industry, business, and IT solutions. We offer Centric India offshore, Centric Solution Center Onshore, along with traditional onsite consulting services in what we call our Right Site model.

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