We enable and optimize online sales channels.

Service Overview

Few IT endeavors involve such deep and varied technical expertise coupled with broad inter-division cooperation as an e-commerce project implementation or upgrade. A large number of outstanding business and consumer e-commerce sites have set the bar very high in terms of user experience, screen design, and high-end features.

E-Commerce Solution - Image

We rely on the strength and depth of our organization to bring the needed skills to successfully execute an e-commerce project. Examples include:

  • Business intelligence for analytics and conversion tracking
  • Application development skills needed to build out site pages on high-end e-commerce packages
  • Mobile application development to ensure a great customer experience on today’s smart phones and tablets


Service Capabilities


Our experts can assist with the creation of an action plan to fully embrace the online sales channel. Our capabilities include:

  • E-commerce strategy (traditional and mobile)
  • E-commerce platform and tool selection
  • Solution re-platforming, migration and upgrades
  • Business process definition and design
  • Program rollout work (plans and budgeting)

Project Management

E-commerce projects affect all aspects of business including sales, marketing, fulfillment, operations and IT. A strong and active project management approach is needed. Our project managers are versed in all aspects of a typical e-commerce project:

  • Project and program management
  • Requirements definition and design


E-commerce site implementation is a real sweet spot for us due to our ability to draw expertise from many of our adjacent practice areas to build a team of experts needed for success. Our implementation skills are listed below:

  • Solution architecture
  • Information architecture, user experience, site wireframing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Product data readiness – product interfaces, data taxonomy, data cleanup, data storage approach
  • Build – package installation, configuration and integration, programming, testing, production deployment
  • Back office integration – customer, product, order, inventory data sources
  • Web analytics implementation
  • Mobile commerce app designing, building, testing


We provide the following post-launch operational support:

  • Performance planning and testing
  • Application outsourcing- e-commerce site maintenance, operations, upgrades, break/fix, and monitoring
  • Solution center Tier 2 technical support