Building custom applications ready for the rigors of the commercial marketplace is hard work. Let our experts make it easy.


Centric’s creative approach allowed us to quickly extend our core timesheet and expense tracking application into the mobile world. Their rippleware division truly understands product development.
– Martin Johnson, Vice President of Marketing, Dovico Software

rippleware is Centric’s product design and development division. We specialize in building commercial software quickly and efficiently using the latest Agile approach, architecture and software components. Our core competencies include:

  • Custom development
  • Architecture and systems integration
  • Designing, building, testing and supporting applications

We create successful, impact-producing business applications that provide a seamless experience and better value throughout the product development lifecycle. Clients benefit from our technical expertise, innovative use of modern software, Agile approach, flexible business engagement terms and comprehensive development capabilities (onsite, onshore and offshore).