Leading business and technology transformation for local workplaces.

Our Centric Chicago team is part of a larger group of business and technology experts at the company, but we add a lot of individual expertise and personality to our work.

We also live and work near you so we understand the nuances of our city’s businesses. And we share the same values as you!

To solve your distinct business needs, we combine all of that with our deep background across industries and specialties such as:

Centric Chicago

Why Partner With Us

What else makes us unique from our competitors? Here are just some of the ways:

We partner with your experts to deliver results

Not only are we collaborative as a team, but we also work well alongside our clients. Together, we can solve your biggest challenges. It’s through teamwork that we get to the root of the challenge, deliver solutions and create lasting results.

We create business benefits that stick

Our team works with clients to introduce business benefits that last. We want to make sure your needs are met for the long-term. But, if you ever need us in the future, we’re here to help. That’s why our clients start as friends and become family.

We deliver unmatched client experiences

Our clients say we are unique and better than other firms are. They say we are authentic, transparent and that we do what we say we are going to do. That’s because we aim to make them the hero of the project. That’s what we call unmatched.

We score creativity from our diversity

It’s our people’s differences and uniqueness that helps us be more creative and innovative in our work. We were recently honored as a 2017 Crain’s Best Place to Work for Minorities

How We Connect Chicago

A dedication to community building is a main focus for our Chicago office. We care about positively influencing the people around us.  To help accomplish this, we connect local leaders and encourage knowledge sharing.

We continuously lead networking groups, attend social events, and when it makes sense, make formal or informal one-on-one introductions because we believe in the power of connecting people.

As an example, some of the networking groups we host include:

Want to learn more? Read about the time and talent we contribute to the community.

We also take care of our people – and it shows. We were recently named a 2017 Crain’s Best Place to Work for Minorities and overall finalist.