Thinking about offshore technology solutions? But worried about the typical concerns? Partner with a U.S. firm that takes the pain out of the experience.

Here’s what you don’t have to worry about with Centric India: traveling long hours to meet with overseas account managers, working late to collaborate with offshore teams, or sacrificing quality and efficiency to lower costs.

Why? Because we are not a company working with an offshore partner or an Indian firm. We are a U.S.-owned and operated company with an office in India – and more than 10 years of experience providing offshore IT services.

What does that mean for you? Simple. You can keep working with the same people you know, trust, and love within our local business units. And, you can count on receiving the same quality of services you’ve come to expect from us.

What Else Makes our Global Management Consulting Services Different Than The Rest?

  • Dedicated U.S. and India Management Team: While we have dedicated leaders in India to oversee daily operations, we also have leadership in the U.S. that’s dedicated to India. This helps make it easier for clients to engage and get decisions made on offshore work. So, if you have immediate questions and need help, you can count on your local account manager.
  • U.S. Certified Resources: We are picky about who we hire. We follow the same process and requirements we have in the U.S. to hire our employees in India. Every resource we hire in India is first vetted by our most senior technical resources in the U.S. If the person wouldn’t meet standards for a job in the U.S., then we won’t hire them in India either. From experience to core values, they must meet all of our standards. That’s what we call: U.S. certified.
  • Teams Averaging 8+ Years’ Experience: Most global firms follow a pyramid model, hiring people with less than a year of experience. Not us. As a 100% reference-able company, that’s how we grow our practice, so it’s important that we keep our clients happy by hiring a highly qualified, capable team that can deliver results. Just look at the numbers:
    • In other firms, average year of experience on a team in India is less than 4 years. Our firm: Average experience is 8 years.
    • In other firms, a standard offshore team includes 1 lead, 2 mid-level, and 7 junior resources. Our firm: Offshore teams include 1 lead, 3 senior, 3 mid, and 3 junior resources.
  • Low Turnover Rates: We know you don’t like a revolving door of offshore resources. Neither do we. That’s why we don’t rely nearly as heavily on junior resources, which is where turnover occurs as they seek higher compensation (largest increases take place in years 1 to 6). By bringing the U.S. culture to India, we’ve been able to recruit top talent and avoid poor retention rates plaguing other firms. So, you won’t have to worry about resources coming and going on projects.
  • Flexible Working Schedule for Resources: This means they have the ability to either leverage a ‘follow the sun’ model or have overlapping work hours with the U.S. as needed.
  • Use of Standard Methodologies and Tools: Our team in India delivers projects in a variety of standard methodologies – including agile environments – to match our client’s expectations and requirements.

Featured Service Offerings

Centric India delivers a full spectrum of IT services that help IT organizations reduce costs. Expertise areas include:

  • Mobile & Cloud Services
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • 24X7 Maintenance & Support
  • Monitoring Services
  • Application Outsourcing
  • Data & Analytics
  • Infrastructure Support

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