Centric helps travel service companies develop adaptable cross-platform business processes to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Practice Overview

The Travel sector continues to react to rapid technological changes and consumer behavior. Customers are increasingly requiring on-demand, instantaneous service and availability, while competitive pressures are simultaneously forcing travel companies to highly segment offerings and pricing.

Centric helps travel services companies (hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, airlines and car rental agencies) meet these modern challenges. By integrating Centric’s expertise in areas such as big data, mobile app development, business process management (BPM) and cloud services, solutions developed are data-driven, innovative and comprehensive.

Segments in the travel sector that Centric serves include:

  • Cruise Lines
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Travel Intermediaries
  • Real Estate & Property Services

Practice Capabilities

Business Intelligence – Big Data

As travel sector companies increasingly face issues of globalization, consolidation and competition, the ability to measure business performance is no longer optional. Centric helps our travel sector clients achieve deep insight into customer experience, product performance, operations, marketing and more. We understand the need for rapid response to consumer demands, as well as the need to predict future consumer behavior based on historical data and market trends. Through more than a decade of successful BI delivery, Centric has developed a proprietary BI Architecture Framework that produces mature, extensible, enterprise-scale systems.

This technology-agnostic approach encompasses the full solution architecture, including hardware planning, software selection and individual architectures of data, ETL and reporting. Using our proven BI accelerators, Centric rapidly delivers advanced analytic capability to clients’ fingertips. By aligning strategic business objectives with a BI roadmap, we help our clients sustainably grow their BI initiatives, ensuring both financial return and realized business value.

Mobile App Development 

The travel industry has a driving need to adapt in the fast changing world of mobility. As the world goes mobile, consumers are using mobile devices to book tickets and search for leisure and adventure activities. The challenges at the forefront call for integrated mobility solutions that provide unique user experiences and foster customer advocacy and company loyalty.

We help travel enterprises boost their mobile presence and align processes with changing consumer behavior. Our carefully tailored mobility solutions not only provide companies with a wider reach to consumers, but also hold great potential to boost efficiency and accuracy. Centric helps clients define and take advantage of new opportunities including integrated communication tactics and interactive mobile prototypes for the iPhone and Android platforms.

Business Practice Management (BPM) 

Processes, including the alignment of resources, technology investments and supporting structures, play a critical role in helping companies meet business objectives. Business Process Management (BPM) helps travel companies increase their focus on the end customer by growing or operating in a cost effective manner with desired flexibility/speed. BPM provides organizations with visibility into their processes and the ability to model, manage and rapidly optimize these processes for significant gains.

Centric’s unique approach combines process modeling/improvement, organization design, performance management and technology enablement. Partnering with Centric’s BPM practice allows companies to transform front, middle, and back office operations, while establishing a continuous improvement mindset.

Cloud Services

The cloud offers a large amount of flexibility in making customer interactions personal and always available. Modern cloud architecture allows for solutions to be tuned for cost savings, performance and availability. For the travel industry, Centric’s cloud services focus on two primary benefits:

1.   Build systems to meet performance needs
2.   Allow guest services to maximize effectiveness to their customers

This approach allows our solutions to match the peaks and valleys of seasonal businesses, thus allowing our clients to use (and pay for) only the resources necessary at the time they are needed. The reachability components of our delivery are designed to handle advanced technology needs in remote or completely detached environments. Transactions and visitor interactions can be captured in even the most hard-to-reach areas and are then incorporated into our clients’ systems once connectivity is available (guest returns from excursion) or becomes cost-effective (ship returns to home port).


Centric’s deep travel industry knowledge, combined with end-to-end capabilities in management consulting and technology, delver successful business outcomes that are inventive and original. With a large geographic footprint, as well as onshore and offshore capabilities, we have the ability to provide an effective and rewarding consulting experience.