We leverage commercial best practices to meet the accountability needs of public sector organizations.

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Practice Overview

Centric recognizes that successfully serving government-affilaited clients requires understanding the transparent environment the public sector must work within. We understand that this transparency brings with it a degree of public and political accountability that few companies are required to manage.

Our approach to serving public sector clients in such an environment is simple – public sector clients understand their policies and regulatory requirements better than anyone else! We also know, however, that our clients want to leverage their internal expertise with consulting partners capable of providing proven commercial processes, tools, techniques and technologies. At Centric, we have these qualifications and believe this combined approach provides effective solutions that fulfill the demanding realities of public sector clients.

We employ only experienced consultants and other select individuals who have successfully and repeatedly demonstrated their process and technological prowess in private and / or government sectors. Additionally, our professionals have reached the stage in their careers where they are passionate about their areas of specialization. Their focus is on excellence and execution rather than the next assignment.

Because the needs of the public sector vary, we deploy experts in business consulting and technology when needed to tailor successful solutions appropriately. This results in a company that can strategically and expertly meet all needs, whether this includes executive mentoring, organizing and executing a project delivery team or providing support through individual staffing.