M&A Integration and Divestitures

We partner with companies to maximize the value of the deal and exceed objectives.

Service Overview

Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture activity can be a defining force and a key strategic lever for successful corporations. Despite this knowledge, few organizations see business integration or separation as a core competency.

This is where Centric can help. At Centric, we are uniquely qualified and experienced in business integration and separation. We understand the complexities of managing the integration and separation process. We partner with companies to maximize the value of the deal through dedicated focus on meeting objectives.

While theoretically the steps are not complicated, M&A integration and divestiture separation should not be underestimated. Focusing on vital integration components can greatly improve a company’s chances of delivering on targeted benefits.


Service Capabilities

Centric’s M&A Integration and Divestitures service capabilities include:

  • M&A Strategy
  • Due Diligence
  • Transaction Execution
  • Integration
  • Facilitate and Advise Cross-Functional Teams

M&A Strategy

  • Facilitate teams to evaluate high-level integration costs in deal modeling.
M&A Strategy - Image


Due Diligence

  • Leverage Centric’s Technology Assessment Framework to evaluate the target companies’ IT infrastructure compatibility.
  • Advise on other functional area integration due diligence considerations (HR, Finance, Sourcing, Legal, etc.).

Transaction Execution

  • Identify, track and manage one-time costs.
  • Identify potential risks. Prioritize and manage a risk mitigation action plan to address those most critical to success.
  • Manage cross-functional teams in the execution of identified TSA setup and/or process changes, stand-alone projects, and separation projects.
  • Assist with the review of closing balance sheets, purchase price adjustments, accounting for separation / stand-up costs and post-closing TSA or other separation issues.


  • Identify TSAs and other supply and ancillary agreement requirements.
  • Recommend pricing and duration to minimize cost and ensure adequate runway for establishing stand-alone capabilities.
  • Provide overall Program Management oversight to integration (e.g. program governance model, integration timeline, status reporting and dashboards) Manage and challenge progress, integration assumptions and communication.

Facilitate and Advise Cross-Functional Teams

  • Team Chartering, Initiation and Mobilization.
  • Identification of day one, short-term and long-term integration projects, synergies and costs.
  • Implementation planning and execution for Day 1, short-term, long-term integration projects.
  • Determination of ongoing costs and revenue budgeting.
  • Measurement of results against deal model.
  • Cultural integration and change management.