Enterprise Program Management

We organize projects to enhance and support critical business objectives.

Enterprise Program Management Service Overview

Are projects aligned to a strategic purpose? Does the organization consistently deliver on its project commitments on time and within budget? Are resources effectively deployed? Enterprise Project / Program / Portfolio Management (EPM) is an organizational approach designed to help organizations achieve business objectives by managing the complex web of concurrent, inter-related projects at an enterprise level. It entails the prioritization, coordination, planning and execution of efforts in direct support of critical business objectives across the entire company.

Enterprise Program Management capabilities elevate the project management office (PMO) in providing true value in line with the overall corporate strategy. Research shows that PMO’s are more effective and have greater impact when they are operating at a strategic, enterprise level, as opposed to a department level. Operating at the enterprise-level delivers benefits in the following ways:

  • Focus on delivery of the organization’s top initiatives to achieve critical business goals and objectives
  • Facilitate portfolio management and increase successful project execution through standardized project management practices
  • Support project and program delivery, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness with fewer resources
  • Measure project success to ensure desired results were achieved

EPM Execution - Image

Centric works with companies to build and improve their EPM / PMO functions regardless of where they fall on the enterprise program management maturity curve. We help clients understand the benefits of EPM and PMO within an organization and define the current state of maturity and effectiveness. We then establish a vision and future-state operating model for the EPM / PMO based on what is appropriate for the organization. We leverage our comprehensive methodology and supporting toolkits to rapidly improve client EPM functions with a focus on building internal client capabilities to continually improve the function over time.

Centric’s approach and offerings can add value to clients across the multiple dimensions of an effective EPM and PMO function from strategic alignment to project and program delivery (see graphic below). Strategies include improving and aligning PMO governance and organization, improving processes, enhancing resource skill sets and deploying underlying toolsets to enable effective management of PMO operations. It is important to note that implementing PMO tools do not alone create processes for project governance and delivery. It is through the development of enhanced PMO processes that the tools are able to elevate organizations to higher levels of efficiency.

EPM / PMO Functions and Processes

Enterprise Program Management Processes and Functions


Enterprise Program Management Service Capabilities

Our EPM and PMO service offering is packaged to provide clients with both end-to-end and point-specific solutions. We can bundle and deliver the principal components of this service offering in a manner that best meets our specific needs.

Our services include:

  • EPM / PMO Assessment and Visioning
  • EPM / PMO Deployment and Optimization
  • EPM System Implementation
  • Strategic Role-Based Consulting (Program and Project Management)
  • Project Turnaround Services

EPM / PMO Assessment and Visioning

Whether a company has an Enterprise PMO, single IT PMO or is just beginning to contemplate the value of an EPM / PMO, Centric can provide a comprehensive and objective evaluation of needs. Centric brings an industry-relevant and vendor-agnostic point of view to this analysis, which provides clients with a focused and unbiased set of alternatives for charting an EPM / PMO strategy.

Starting with business strategy and product or service offerings, Centric helps clients understand how the current project portfolio delivery and prioritization process is performing and assists in identifying options to improve alignment. Centric leverages various assessment and maturity models to determine gaps and opportunities across all aspects of the EPM / PMO function. Centric will then work with the team to establish a go-forward strategy and vision for the enterprise program management and project management office based on the strategic needs of the business.

EPM / PMO Deployment and Optimization

Centric has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and witnessed firsthand what it takes to build an EPM / PMO function and, more importantly, how to operate one effectively. We have developed comprehensive methodologies for establishing and improving EPM / PMO processes, governance structures and supporting toolsets. We work with clients to improve the effectiveness of their EPM practices at their own pace without disrupting current operations.

EPM / PMO System Implementation

The number of EPM / PMO systems on the market today is mind boggling and includes portfolio management, budgeting, project management and resource and time tracking. We work with clients to assess the needs of the organization and select the most appropriate tools in an unbiased and objective manner. We then work to configure and implement the systems to support the needs of the business. Our experience with project management and software implementations make us the ideal resource for systems implementation efforts.

Strategic Role-Based Consulting (Program and Project Management)

Centric realizes that finding quality program and project managers who bring industry, business and technology acumen to the table is difficult. Our large team of experienced and seasoned managers has 15 to 20+ years of experience managing large-scale and complex engagements. Many have backgrounds with the largest consultancies in the world. We are flexible to take on the program and project manager positions on an as-needed basis to lead or manage portions of ongoing projects. Additionally, we also offer teaming arrangements with clients whereby Centric augments a client’s PMO project management resource base to provide PM’s as needed based on capacity or specialty skill requirements.

Project Turnaround Services

Unfortunately, many IT projects fail or fall well short of the promised value. We can offer experts who can come into a troubled project to assess core issues, realign expectations and priorities, restructure project efforts and drive the project to completion.